About the Festival

            Summer is the time for sun, holidays and fun. Some people spend their summer vacation in the open air, others go to the seaside. So what about sharing your summer holidays with creative and merry people who will help to open up your talents in different aspects of art?

We present to you a summer vacation programme which will let you soak in the world of art with an incredible collection of "Fest-orchestra". The festival will take place from 8 to 14 august 2016.
Fest-orchestra's members will do lessons in music, painting, crafting, architecture, dancing and art.
            The art camp is situated in a beautiful place called Staroselie ("old village") on the banks of the Ugra river in the national park "Ugra". Here you will find an atmosphere of art, games and fun; nature will inspire you to create works of art and our tutors will help you to realize them.

The most remarkable works will be shown during the festival at the end of the vacation.
All participants will be rewarded with souvenir presents.
You can participate with your friends or alone.
There are no age limits.
We are waiting for you!